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January 28, 2004

Affirmative Action v. Budget Cuts

To deal with the budget crisis in California due to Republican refusal to raise taxes, 20,000 students who are qualified will not be admitted to the California State University system (the larger CA university system that complements the more elite University of California campuses).

For years, conservatives in California ranted that the evil of affirmative action was that qualified people were being denied entrance to college-- but these 20,000 students denied an education are far more people than ever were denied entrance to college due to affirmative action.

But conservatives never cared about educating poor whites denied admission to college -- they were just using them to score political points. When the choice is an education for those poor white (and latino and black) students versus raising taxes on their rich friends, hasta la vista baby to their supposed concern about them getting an education.

Posted by Nathan at January 28, 2004 06:58 AM