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February 02, 2004

Bush Far Behind in Quinnipiac Poll

One thing that's frustrated me for months are all the folks I know who are convinced that Bush will win the election this fall. Now, I've argued on this blog that Bush was going to lose since summer of 2002-- and before to other folks. And this comes not from general Pollyanishness; I won money that Bush would win in 2000 (and yes, my collection of the bet could be disputed :)

But now the evidence is coming in that Bush is extremely vulnerable. This poll shows Kerry leading Bush by 8 points. I've always argued that the economy would be the defining issue for the election, and this poll reinforces both that fact, and Bush's fundamental problems:

  • 67 – 21 percent voters say the economy will matter more than Iraq in deciding how they vote
  • 54 percent of American voters say the federal budget deficit is a "very serious" problem, while 34 percent call it "somewhat serious
  • Voters say 52 – 40 percent a Democrat will do a better job on the economy than President Bush
  • You don't have to be convinced that Bush will lose to admit that he is defeatable. And for myself, as long as folks recognize that we CAN defeat him, I have full confidence that we have the energy and resources to DO IT.

    Posted by Nathan at February 2, 2004 07:48 PM