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February 25, 2004

Tenet: US Actions Creating New Terrorists

Since Bush launched his global war of preemption, anti-Americanism has spiked around the world, helping terrorists recruit new people to threaten the American people.

The source of this damning assessment of Bush's failures?

Bush's top intelligence agency heads.

Said Vice Adm. Lowell Jacoby, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in Congressional testimony:

"Support for America has dropped in most of the Muslim world," Jacoby said in a statement to the committee. Favorable ratings for the U.S. among Moroccans dropped to 27 percent a year ago from 77 percent in 2000, he said. In Jordan, a key partner in the war on terrorism, those rates went to 1 percent last May from an already dismal 25 percent in 2002.

All of this, Jacoby said, is increasing pressure on governments that are important to U.S. efforts against terrorism.

So let's get this straight. Before Bush started unilaterally dropping bombs on multiple countries, Muslims in countries like Morroco overwhelmingly liked the United States. Now they hate us.

And large numbers of folks who would never join a terrorist group before are now joining international networks to attack the US:

Even if Al Qaeda is crushed, terrorist threats will remain because of a global surge in anti-Americanism, the emergence of dozens of groups representing terrorism's "next wave" and the worldwide spread of Al Qaeda's philosophy and "destructive expertise," the nation's top intelligence officials said Tuesday.
Of course, these leaders try to spin their own data to indicate something other than a miserable failure by Bush, but the results are clear.

Bush's "war on terrorism" has been terrorism's best friend. Bush and Bin Laden are allies, each using the other as a foil to build their own power at the expense of the lives and security of the world's population.

Posted by Nathan at February 25, 2004 08:03 PM