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March 14, 2004

Spanish Voters Blame Terrorism on War

Well, Spanish voters sure didn't engage in jingoistic rallying around their government.

Spain was rewarded for backing Bush's war on Iraq with a massive terrorist attack on its people.

And the voters recognized that cutting loose from Bush and rejecting the conservative party that took them to war was the right response. And hopefully that sends a message to governments around the world that cutting loose from Bush should be the global agenda:

Spaniards have linked Thursday's bombings to al-Qaeda, and see the attacks as a reprisal for Mr Aznar's strong support for the US during the Iraq war," said Lorenzo Berlando de Quiroz, an economist.

The results of a popular backlash against governments that joined the US-led "coalition of the willing" in the Iraq war could deal a serious blow to US efforts to replace some of its occupation forces with allies.

Posted by Nathan at March 14, 2004 10:47 PM