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March 22, 2004

Labor Roundup

Strikes, Organizing and Contract Negotiations

  • Nursing home unions grow in Florida.
  • Successful home health care organizing in Washington State by SEIU.
  • Mexican government encourages immigrant janitors to join union-led class action lawsuit against supermarket chains.
  • Washington State grocery workers prep for contract negotiation and possible strike. Clergy across region urge members to respect the picket lines.
  • Conflicting strategies by local airline attendant union leaders at US Airways.
  • Chicago hotel workers, along with other union workers, take pickets overseas to confront corporate opponents.
  • Trash workers joining Teamsters in Atlanta.
  • International journalists organization condemns union busting at CNN.
  • Grad student employees vote to unionize at University of Washington.
  • A transcript of a discussion on how Homeland Security is impacting labor rights for federal employees.
  • Federal judge ordered Sodexho Inc. to recognize and bargain with UNITE, citing numerous labor law violations at its Phoenix laundry plant.
  • Cincinnatiís Latino Immigrants Begin To Organize

    Labor and Politics

  • AFL-CIO Executive Council plans three-prong strategy to expand right to organize, combining legislative advocacy, new organizer recruitment, and expanded cooperation between unions.
  • Firefighters union emerges as hot political player.

    Jobs and the Economy

  • Killer Jobs: Mexican immigrant workers are dying in hazardous work across the country.

    Trade and Labor

  • AFL-CIO on why When China Represses Workers’ Rights, U.S. Workers Lose Jobs. Analysis on union WTO charge by Business Week.
  • "Magical Mystery Tour" by student and labor activists highlight job losses in the Rust Belt.
  • US tech professional groups says coordinated national strategy needed to overcome "offshoring" of US tech jobs.
  • Pennsylvania proposes measure to require government contractors to employ US residents.

    International Labor Conflicts

  • Lessons from Argentina- workers are taking over factories in that country in a remarkable response to that economy's collapse.
  • Burma government condemns 9 union activists to death for contacting the International Labor Organization.
  • China condemned for convicting labor activists to “re-education through labour” ranging from 12 to 21 months.
  • Teachers in Mosal in Iraq threaten strike over unpaid wages
  • Engineers in Egypt seek independent union.

    Union Politics and Democracy

  • Exec Director of NYC AFSCME Council stripped of powers over internal power struggle at public employees umbrella union.
  • Rank-and-File Teamsters Campaign Against Pension Cuts

    New Magazine Articles

  • How the Wagner Act Became a Management Tool- a historical analysis and political manifesto for change all in one.
  • The Next Upsurge: Labor and the New Social Movements- review of new book on changes in the labor movement.

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