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March 29, 2004

Labor Roundup


  • Thousands march in San Antonio, Sacramento
  • Arizona voters may vote this fall on making day a state holiday.

    Action Needed

  • Support Suspended Group 4 Falck/Wackenhut Security Workers.
  • Protest Nestle's anti-union actions in Russia.

    Strikes and Organizing

  • Grocery strikes: Baltimore-Washington grocery pacts set to expire. Grassroots complaints as Northern California gears up for contract talks and a broader criticism of the southern California strategy. More on Wal-Mart threat in grocery sector.
  • Majority of Columbia University teaching and research graduate students signed cards asking to unionize.
  • UAW leadership defends two-tier wage deal in parts contractors-- and DaimlerChrysler recognizes UAW at North Carolina bus assembly plant.
  • Oyster Bar strike in New York City settles, ending this year's round of restaurant negotiations.
  • California farmworkers win federal court ruling that they must be paid backpay for time spent travelling on employer buses.
  • 6500 part-time workers at Disney World get first contract, with pay increases and job protection.

    Labor and Politics

  • Outsourcing fears dominate politics in Presidential campaign. And anti-outsourcing campaigns are being promoted throughout Europe.
  • AFL-CIO promotes Kerry's "Jobs First" Plan.
  • Union leader sentenced for School of Americas protest.
  • Senate Dems win victory on overtime pay rules.
  • AFSCME and UAW make support for Kerry official.
  • Supreme court in Washington state to decide whether to uphold pro-union campaign finance rule.
  • Connecticut bill would ban union-busting "captive audience" meetings by employers.
  • MTV's "Real World" to return to Philadelphia after deal with city unions.

    Internal Union Issues and Democracy

  • As HERE and UNITE merge, dissenters critique leaderships.
  • Writers Guild to hold new election amid turmoil in union.

    Labor and the Economy

  • Grocery jobs not secure middle class jobs they once were.
  • Animators see their jobs going overseas on computers.


  • Multinational corporations flex muscles to block proposed UN Charter on "Norms on Business and Human Rights."
  • Indonesian business resist new government regulations for informal contract employees.
  • Workers seek to unionize Wal-Mart in Canada.
  • Millions of Italian workers strike against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's anti-labor policies.
  • National standards set in Australia to promote workers rights when local governments sign contracting agreements with private business.
  • Doctors in Nigeria threaten nationwide strike in protest of government health policies.

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