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April 01, 2004

Bush to Veto Jobs

Bush has yet to veto a bill.

But now he's threatening to veto one of the few bills being voted on that is guaranteed to increase employment, namely the highway bill.

Now, no one is necessarily a fan of the pork barrel inevitably involved in such a bill, and more concrete is less attractive than improving mass transit, but the one thing we know is that the money spent on constructing transit projects is almost the most guaranteed job creator imaginable.

Tax cuts and income payments (Social Security, welfare, etc.) can be spent on imported goods, but highway projects are almost guaranteed to create domestic jobs paying decent wages.

So of course, Bush wants to stop such job creation. He'll defend hundreds of billions each year for tax cuts for the wealthy, but a few tens of billions for jobs must be vetoed.

If anything symbolizes Bush's responsibility for job loss in the United States, it's this veto threat. It highlights that Bush has had no strategy for economic growth other than his failed tax cut strategy, and when others have attempted alternatives, he's worked to stop them.

Posted by Nathan at April 1, 2004 07:29 AM