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April 09, 2004

Bush- A Uniter Not a Divider

Really, the uprisings and continued war in Iraq just shows Bush's subtle genius:

When the United States invaded Iraq a year ago, one of its chief concerns was preventing a civil war between Shiite Muslims, who make up a majority in the country, and Sunni Muslims, who held all the power under Saddam Hussein.

...the growing uprising against the occupation is forging a new and previously unheard of level of cooperation between the two groups — and the common cause is killing Americans.

So here we have nation-building at its finest-- creating a cause to unite the Iraqis across ethnic and religious lines.

So disbanding the army, sitting back during the looting, humiliating the Iraqis by handing their national infrastructure over to foreigners, leaving much of the population in angry unemployment-- it was all part of Bush's brilliant plan to overcome ethnic divisions:

Pentagon officials said Thursday that they had no definitive figures on the size or scale of the Sunni or Shiite militias. That is largely because the militia movement seems too fluid, and it is splintered among several factions. "It's a mob mentality," said one intelligence official. "They are recruiting among a lot of unhappy people."
So finally, as the Bushites see their plan come to fruition, they admit that most Iraqis are angry with the Occupation-- but now they can point to a the unity they have built among angry mobs, once concerned with killing each other, now forming a nation dedicated to killing Americans and their allies. Brilliant!

Posted by Nathan at April 9, 2004 06:53 AM