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April 12, 2004

Labor Roundup


  • Support Sri Lankan workers seeking to organize a garment union among workers producing rubber gloves for developed nations.
  • Support the Nursing Home Campaign for Dignity and Justice in Massachusetts.

    Organizing and Strikes

  • Student are engaging in rolling hunger strikes across the country in support of farmworkers and against Taco Bell's exploitation of farmworkers.
  • Inglewood, CA citizens vote No to Wal-Mart bringing bad jobs to town. Other cities ready to vote on blocking the company throughout California.
  • Toronto firefighters block movie production in support of Massachusetts firefighters and their families who said script exploited their tragedy.
  • Teamsters beat back decertification vote at Tysons Fresh Meats plant in Washington State.
  • Touring theatre companies increasingly trying to tour with non-union casts, a big issue in coming Actors Equity negotiations.
  • SBC and telephone union negotiating on outsourcing and health care as strike looms.
  • Northern Michigan nurses strike continues after 16 long months.
  • Minneapolis transit strikers rally at the State Capitol.
  • National Right to Work [for less] Committee is mounting a legal challenge to autoworker agreements that require auto companies to encourage contractors to sign neutrality and card check agreements with unions.
  • State labor board allows child care workers to unionize as state employees.

    Unions and Politics

  • Union pension funds putting pressure on corporations to disclose political spending information.
  • Pension bill bails out some corporate-run pension systems, but leaves multi-employer union funds without help.

    General Analysis

  • The China Syndrome- how violations of labor rights in China effect workers rights from Wisconsin to Mexico.
  • Workers asked to train foreign replacements who take their jobs.
  • On-the-job deaths rise among hispanic men.
  • The Fight for Fair Pay- how New York Governor Pataki lets business violate minimum wage laws.


  • Global labor rights has new Internet radio station.\
  • Towns across France blacked out as power company workers strike against privatization.
  • Greek workers dying due to poor safety procedures during preparation for the Olympics.
  • Labor unions join protests against Nepal dictatorial monarchy.
  • Unions protest Coke's association with killers in Columbia.

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