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April 13, 2004

More on the "Mercenary" controversy

This from Tech Central Station celebrating that the blogosphere can "police itself" by holding "irresponsible" bloggers like Kos and myself accountable.

I'm not sure about Kos, but the whole thing just drove my traffic way up-- the last week was my highest average daily volume of visits in the two years I've been blogging. Yes, a few of the Dem sights quietly didn't renew their ads, but so what? I sure as hell wasn't living off that income.

And if being able to punish unprofitable speech is proof of accountability, why is Rupert Murdoch's New York Post still in existence? It's reportedly consistently lost $40 million annually for years.

Or does the joy of "accountable speech" only apply to folks without independent wealth?

Update: Please check comments- SkipWalkDC notes in a link that Tech Central Station is on retainer to the brutal dictatorship of Myanmar to lobby the US government on its behalf.

Rightwingers condemn war protesters as "irresponsible" since we don't have a sufficient dedication to democracy. Yet the same rightwingers who played footsie with Saddam in the 1980s continue to act as agents for countries like Myanmar today. And I'm sure when the US ends up bombing innocents in Myanmar on some future date, those of us condemning that country today will be denounced for our lack of dedication to democracy then.

Posted by Nathan at April 13, 2004 09:23 AM