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April 15, 2004

A Knockout New Union

When a lot of people think of unions, they think of big guys beating the hell out of other people.

That's basically untrue--except when it's company goons beating up union members-- but there's one new union where not only will people get hit, it'll be on Showtime.

It's a new union for boxers, Joint Association of Boxers (JAB), which will have its first sponsored fight tonight on the cable channel-- where you might catch me in the audience attending this inaugural event.

Of all sports stars, boxers are probably the most exploited, since there is no formal sports league, so promoters exploit boxers at will, even as the need for protection and long term benefits, especially after injury, is nowhere more needed.

So J.A.B. will end up being more than just a negotiating arm of boxers-- it may restructure the whole sport to end the rule of opportunists and the real corporate thugs who control the game today.

JAB is supported by fighters ranging from former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes to new professionals like undefeated Olympic Gold Medalist Muhammadoer Adulaev, and hundreds and others.

Posted by Nathan at April 15, 2004 10:52 AM