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April 21, 2004

Labor Roundup

Organizing, Contracts and Strikes

  • Columbia grad students hit the picket line. Adjunct professors at New York University to join them. University of Wisconsin-Madison grad employees vote to strike.
  • Los Angeles hotel contract talks slow-- unions eye short-term contract in anticipation of national negotiations in 2006.
  • Professional employees union, SPEEA, in tough negotiations with Boeing in Wichita, KS.
  • Kroger/Ralphs to pay $116 million to fellow grocery store chains as part of strike-breaking pact.
  • Rhode Island judge delays vote to unionize by day care workers.
  • Former Denmark Prime Minister supports demand for union recognition by SEIU at Wackenhut, a Danish firm that operates security services in the US.
  • Organizing drive steps up at Bloomberg News.
  • Medical technicians in Seattle area vote to unionize with SEIU.

    General Analysis

  • Unionists and shareholders united to rollback executive pay.
  • Report: Policy Changes Could Stop Manufacturing Job Loss


  • For the first time, union leaders in South Korea will enter the national parliament as lawmakers. More here.
  • Australian unions condemn proposed free trade agreement with the United States as too weak on labor standards.
  • Gap Inc. and UNITE agree to promote a union in El Salvador factory, reemploying workers displaced by a Taiwanese company who closed a factory after they unionized.
  • Coca Cola factory in Columbia agreed to a union in a bottling plant.
  • Amidst political turmoil in Nepal, union leaders continue to be arrested.
  • Raffles fires 200 workers in broadbased hotel strike in Cambodia.
  • Cayman Islands passes new labor law to better protect labor rights and expand unionization.
  • Mexican workers at a Limited factory claim the Mexican government prevented them from organizing a union, appealing under NAFTA for US intervention.
  • Phillipine government backs plan to increase minimum wage and pay rates in industries across country.
  • Singapore debating law to strip union members of the right to reject union pacts negotiated by their leaders.

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