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May 04, 2004

Labor Roundup

Strikes, Contracts and Organizing

  • Hollywood screenwriters at brink of strike in negotiations.
  • SBC Communication workers vote to authorize a strike, demanding the company allow unionization of new non-union areas of the company.
  • The UAW approved a two-tier wage system at auto suppliers, where new hires will make far less with fewer benefits than older workers.
  • Statements from various actors in the Columbia grad student strike.
  • Washington State public employees union grows 20% in last two years.


  • Workplace illnesses and accidents kill more people every year than war, the United Nations labour agency said in a report.
  • Resignation of anti-corruption overseer at Teamsters casts pall over union.
  • Disappearing benefits for retirees leave them even more dependent on Medicare and Social Security.
  • Gay marriage in Massachusetts may lead to end of domestic partner benefits.

    International- May Day Special

  • Anti-privatization strikers storm government building in protest.
  • 70,000 government workers strike in British Columbia in protest against wage cuts for health care workers. A general strike was averted at the last minute Sunday night.
  • Amnesty International denounces government attacks on independent unions in Belarus.
  • The international trade union movement - the ICFTU - strongly condemned Israel for its harassment of officials from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) who were attempting to commemorate those killed through work.
  • Bahrain labor unions demand rise in minimum wage.
  • The Bolvian Labor Confederation (COB) announced that it would only talk directly with President Carlos Mesa on its planned general strike.
  • Labor leaders complain in Brazil that Lula has fallen short on promise to double the minimum wage, leading to millions taking to the streets in protest.
  • Unions protest privatization of social security in El Salvador.
  • New labor-allied party in South Korea soars in popularity.
  • Pakistan workers rally to demand repeal of the country's harsh anti-labor laws.
  • Competing trade union confederations, pro- and anti-Chavez, marched on May Day.

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