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May 21, 2004

Rightwing on Me and WWP

WorldNetDaily, the popular rightwing online news site, has a full-fledged story on the attacks on critics of the WWP-ANSWER within the left, with a lot on my history within the National Lawyers Guild. They seemed to have combed every email list and web site to piece together the story. Although they didn't bother to even contact me for comment, a pretty shabby failure.

It's not too slanted, since it emphasizes how isolated ideologically the WWP is on the Left and distinguishes the vast numbers who opposed the war versus the tiny clique around WWP-ANSWER who were pro-Saddam.

The article even points out why the media pays more attention to fringe rightwing groups than to Stalinist groups like the WWP-- the rightwing groups are actively murdering people in the US. Quoting one source:

"The far right becomes relevant when it's shooting abortion doctors or blowing up courthouses," he said, "There aren't a lot of leftists blowing things up."
Which of course highlights why the rightwing is kind of silly to itself spend too much time talking breathlessly about fringe groups, when it tolerates Klan allies and abortion doctors in its midst. I wonder how many exposes WND has done on those?

Posted by Nathan at May 21, 2004 07:05 AM