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May 25, 2004

Job Security for SBC Workers

After a short four-day walkout by its workers, SBC has agreed to a contract guaranteeing its employees job security, including transferring employees from declining telephone divisions to new high tech divisions:

The agreement also includes new access to jobs in the growth areas, protects health security for both active employees and retirees, and improves pensions.

The settlement guarantees no layoffs of employees currently on the payroll for the life of the agreement and calls for rehiring of several hundred workers who had been laid off at SBC Southwest and SBC Midwest.

Officials of the nation's No. 2 phone provider said negotiators agreed to provide current CWA-represented employees with a guaranteed job offer should their existing job be no longer needed.

And to make sure that a merger or any kind of sale will not endanger jobs, the contract requires that any successor company must assume these obligations as well.

SBC has always been the most union-friendly of the Baby Bells, so the conflict over this contract had been a bit surprising, but it's nice that the result was still an industry standard.

Posted by Nathan at May 25, 2004 06:10 AM