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June 24, 2004

Arnie, the Tribes & the Unions

Okay, this is kind of bizarre.

When Arnold negotiated his recent deal with California tribes over casino gambling, one of the key provisions is that they agreed to be covered by all labor and health standards, PLUS they agreed to remain neutral in any union organizing campaign.

“The governor’s really holding the line on this issue,” said an elated official of the hotel workers union as we read the news wire report coming in. “This is fantastic,” he added, unconsciously using one of Schwarzenegger’s favorite words.
In fact, the tribes offered more money if they'd be allowed to screw union organizers showing up at their reservations, but Arnie rejected the deal, holding firm for tough pro-union rules.

Why? Because the state legislature still needs to ratify the deal, and the Dems demanded it. Still, Arnie is proving to be a more interesting political operator that most people-- including myself -- expected. He's pragmatic and willing to deal. Losing to principle is so far not his style.

I really hate the spread of gambling throughout our society, but if the need for revenue means that politicians will keep voting to let it happen, then at least I want the jobs to pay decently and be unionized. So Viva Arnie!

Posted by Nathan at June 24, 2004 06:04 AM