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June 27, 2004

Fahrenheit Damn Good

Even on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the lines at my favorite movie theater for the film was amazing, like nothing else I've ever seen there

The thing is, even hard-core political junkies like me learned new stuff here.

The details of the Saudi connections to the Bushes is astounding and will probably horrify undecides. The indictment of war profiteering is intense.

And the fact that millions of Americans had Orwell quoted to them on the uses of fear and endless war to keep the population in line is amazing. It's wonderful to see Orwell recaptured for the Left, since conservatives have been using and abusing him to support capitalism for years-- something that would have horrified old George.

And whether more than the "choir" goes to see the film is almost irrelevant. The fact that the choir is this large means that millions of people will be repeating stories and facts from the movie to their friends and neighbors.

What is remarkable about this film is that it is the tightest, clearest political message that Moore has done. Roger & Me was brilliant, but it's message was one more of angst than political action. I liked Bowling for Columbine, but exactly what was responsible for gun violence was a bit of a muddle.

But this-- it was a clear attack on corporate war profiteering at the expense of the lives of the working class sent off to fight the elite's wars. Simple, clear and deadly in its message. Bravo!

Posted by Nathan at June 27, 2004 09:46 PM