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September 16, 2004

MBA Profs Against Bush

Well, these profs would have flunked Bush back in his management school days:

America needs a change at the top. As professors and scholars of management, we are charged with educating the next generation of leaders. As citizens in a democracy, we take seriously our responsibility to speak out on matters of public policy, especially when the common good and the long term viability of the economy are at stake. We cannot be silent while the Administration of George W. Bush attacks the gains of working people over the past hundred years. It would be bad enough if the Bush administration were merely trying to turn the clock back to the "good old days" of untrammeled managerial prerogatives and unfettered markets. In reality, however, this administration is forging an ever more noxious mix of private economic interests and covert public power. Our economic, social, health, and environmental security is threatened as never before.
There's more and if you know MBA academics who might want to sign on, send them a link.

Posted by Nathan at September 16, 2004 08:18 AM