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October 19, 2004

Freepers- Jews Disloyal to Israel

How dare Jews in the US not vote in lockstep with the Likud in Israel. Where is their divided loyalty, where is their subservience to foreign powers?

This question is causing great anguish at Freepublic.com

American Jews have a death wish. Any American Jew that votes for John Kerry is signing their own death warrant and the death warrants of all the Jews in Israel!!!

Repeat: "US Jews to Israel: Drop Dead." They've forgotten Israel and Jerusalem. They are ASHAMED of Israel and Jersalem.

This is somewhat the same theme as how dare Kerry not obey the orders of the Vatican.

There should be no outside interference with American policy, except on foreign policy by Sharon and on social policy by the Pope. Although no listening to the Pope on foreign policy. I know, it's all kind of confusing.

Although at least one poster might have a roughly correct answer on the voting patterns of Jews:

American Jews living in Israel overwhelmingly support President Bush. Jews in America overwhelming support Democrats. Why?

Just one of my opinions: Jews in Israel fear Muslims more than Christians.

Jews in America fear Christians more than Muslims.

Or at least Jews in the US fear one Christian in particular, George W. Bush.

Posted by Nathan at October 19, 2004 07:52 AM