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November 01, 2004

New Yorkers: Vote Row E for Working Families

As I continue campaigning down in the Philadelphia area to turn out the vote, I wanted to remind my fellow New Yorkers that you can vote for John Kerry AND promote a strong progressive voice to keep mainstream Democrats on notice that our votes cannot be taken for granted.

The Working Families Party, which generally endorses Democrats but will assert independence in local races to promote progressive results, is "Row E" on the ballot and don't miss the fact that you can pull the lever for Kerry there as well as on the Democratic party row. See here for their full endorsements.

As John Edwards has said about the Working Families Party:

“Every vote on Row E, the Working Families Party line, helps elect John Kerry and me. And it sends a powerful message about the issues that matter to working families: good jobs, good schools, and good government.”
-- John Edwards
So vote on Row E to defeat Bush and promote a progressive voice in New York.

Posted by Nathan at November 1, 2004 07:31 AM