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November 05, 2004

Minimum Wage in Florida

I don't talk too much on this blog about my day job activism-- you know, keeping the "this blog reflects only my views and not those of my employer" idea clear -- but the passage of the minimum wage initiative in Florida is an important story as one of the few bright spots on election day. Since Max outed me as having drafted the initiative (as well as organizing the legal team that advised and represented the campaign before the state Supreme Court), I thought I'd make a few comments. Our organizational press release emphasizes a few key facts about the Florida success.

  • A 72% vote for raising the minimum wage shows that economic justice is a political winner not just in Blue States, but in Red States as well.
  • This success marks the first time a sunbelt state has passed a state minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage.
  • Since the new minimum wage rate ($1 above the current federal level) is indexed to inflation, it won't erode in value over the years.

    Progressives need to be clear about the moral values underpinning our politics and raising up working families to living standards where they can survive is a clear place to begin.

    Posted by Nathan at November 5, 2004 08:06 AM