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January 07, 2005

Wedge Voters on Pro-Corporate Judges

When most liberals think of the courts, they think about abortion and hot-button social issues.

But when business looks at the court, they see profits-- or rather ways to use courts to protect those profits. Bull Moose cites a new report that the National Association of Manufacturers is gearing up a multimillion-dollar campaign to help confirm conservative judges.

This is a key point that liberals should think about. The American public is divided on issues like abortion, but using the courts to overturn economic regulation of business outrages large majorities of the population-- including many "Red State" voters.

Maybe liberals should be highlighting business involvement in court nominations and the courts' economic decisions a bit more? A little bit more wedge politics strategy by the left could be useful here.

Posted by Nathan at January 7, 2005 09:33 AM