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January 15, 2005

Media Idiots: The "Kos-MyDD Affair"

Atrios is right to label Chris Sullentrop a wanker for this ridiculous take on the issue of Kos and Jerome consulting for the Dean campaign:

And while it's true that his role as a Dean consultant was disclosed and reported in the press on multiple occasions, it came as a surprise this week to a whole lot of people, including a lot of prominent bloggers.
The same media who are surprised by this information are the same ones who do such a shitty job covering the Bush administration. I mean, if they can't notice a prominent disclaimer at the top of a website, it explains a lot about all the things they get wrong most of the time.

So maybe us bloggers should give the media a break. They aren't biased. They're just completely incompetent.

As to Sullentrop's point that we shouldn't take Markos's political recommendations seriously because of his political and financial ties to various politicians he may be consulting with-- that applies to pretty much every non-profit and political leader out there. Kos has always been clear that he's a partisan Democrat, not an objective journalist. And frankly, Kos with his own advertising revenue stream can speak his mind more freely than all those journalists who report to the corporate media.

Posted by Nathan at January 15, 2005 08:31 AM