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March 09, 2005

Even Rightwing Thinks Bankruptcy Bill Stinks

Bipartisan prostration before credit card dollars even gains the ire of Glen Reynolds who true to conservative rhetoric on holding people responsible for their actions, asks:

people should have to face the consequences of their bad decisions -- but that includes their bad lending decisions, especially when the lending is, fundamentally, dishonest. I don't actually think that credit card companies are evil. . . but their marketing practices are dishonest, and their complaints that their loans to poor risks aren't panning out leave me unmoved.
And yet conservatives bloggers are far less harsh on the GOP running this train than the progressive bloggers like Josh and Kos piling up lists of Democratic traitors to working families. Or maybe the rightwing folks have little to really say when EVERY SINGLE Republican Senator betrayed their working class constituents with this vote-- their whole party is in hock to corporate paymasters so they don't have any way to sort "bad apples" from the whole rotten apple barrel.

Posted by Nathan at March 9, 2005 02:06 PM