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March 13, 2005

MT Gov Fights for Homeland Security

What an odd guy. Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana actually thinks Montana residents are more threatened by looming wilfires in the state than by non-existent WMDs in Iraq, and actually thinks slashing fire-fighting funds in Bush's budget to pay for that war is a bad idea. What does he have to complain about?

As fire season approaches, about 1,500 of Montana's 3,500 National Guard troops have been deployed on federal active duty, said a Montana Guard spokesman, Maj. Scott Smith...The bulk of the Guard's helicopters - critical in shuttling fire crews and equipment to blazes - are unavailable, either because they are in Iraq or their aviation officers are absent.
In an age of Orwellian Newspeak, the Bush budget for Homeland Security means slashing funds for, well, homeland security and sending troops OUT of our homeland. More vulnerability is safety in the new wars with Oceania.

Posted by Nathan at March 13, 2005 08:10 AM