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March 23, 2005

Stupid NY Times on Federalism

How can the New York Times say the following with a straight face?

The Republican Party has long associated itself with limiting the power of the federal government over the states, though this is not the only time that party leaders have veered from that position.
As I detailed a couple of weeks ago, the GOP supports a long litany of policies where federal rules trumps state decisions.

So what counts as the GOP "associated itself" with states rights? If the Times meant giving lip service to the idea, why don't that say that and not spend an article discussing the anguish of conservatives for the 1000th time gutting state laws?

Or, if they want to write a real story, why don't they emphasize the ONLY issue where conservatives want "states rights", which is the traditional area of supporting discrimination by state governments without interference by federal courts. An enterprising reporter would actually go down to the conservative agenda and, by process of elimination of those areas where the GOP supports federal power, reveal that gutting the 14th Amendment's commitment to non-discrimination if the only "principled" federalist position by the conservative movement.

But the Times would rather write mealy-mouthed sentences like the above.

Posted by Nathan at March 23, 2005 07:18 AM