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March 24, 2005

So Will Chicago Teach Marx?

The intimidation of pro-Palestinian professors at Columnia continues. Critics are shocked, shocked, that students might feel that aping their professor's pet beliefs in class might get them a better grade. Apparently, professors promoting Palestinian rights are the first in history to push their beliefs on students.

The Columbia president has declared:

"The question is not whether a professor advocates a view," he said, "but whether the overall design of the class, and course, is to explore the full range of the complexity of the subject."
So if we are going to evaluate Middle East studies at Columbia, how about evaluating Economics classes across the country, especially by conservative students?

As evidenced by comments on my blog by people claiming they learned in Economics 101 that the minimum wage always leads to job losses, they were obviously never exposed to the studies and economic theories on why minimum wage does not undermine hiring in low-wage sectors.

I demand an investigation. Let's start with the Chicago economics faculty and we can move on from there :)

Posted by Nathan at March 24, 2005 07:36 AM