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July 22, 2005

It's Always the Coverup

I've said repeatedly that I had trouble getting exercised over the revealing of Valerie Plame's status, but as is typical, the administration took what they probably could have defended as a political dispute, not a crime, and converted it into what looks to be multiple serious felonies of perjury and obstruction of justice:

  • Bloomberg is reporting that Rove and Libby both gave testimony to the grand jury that flatly conflicts with the testimony given by those they said they talked to.
  • We now know that the Top Secret memo most consistent with the talking points that Rove and Libby told reporters was seen in the hands of Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in the days before the leak occurred. And that Fleischer told the grand jury he never saw it.
  • In covering up their political hit on the Wilsons and their lies about the Iraq-Niger connection, it looks quite possible that multiple administration officials could be heading off to jail.

    And after the Right's apoplexy over Clinton's lying before a civil court, they really won't have a rhetorical leg to stand on if the Bushies lied during a criminal investigation.

    Posted by Nathan at July 22, 2005 06:04 PM