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September 27, 2005

Why is Bush Building Trailer Park Ghettos?

Even conservatives like Newt Gingrich think buying thousands of trailers to house Katrina's refugees is an idiotic idea, calling them "ghettos of despair."

There are 1.1 million available units in the South, with an average rent of less than $700 a month.  Why not expand the Section 8 Housing program and give all refugees vouchers to buy housing?  The Bush Administration likes vouchers, doesn't it?  

Well, no, since the administration has been proposing massive cuts in housing programs for years.  

A successful use of vouchers in the Gulf Coast would just make people ask, why are we not expanding the program to take care of the housing problems in the rest of the country?  

A lot of people may look at the Bush administration and fear that they will screw up the recovery.  But maybe the smart conservatives are actually fearing success-- which would undercut their overall attacks on social programs.

Posted by Nathan at September 27, 2005 01:12 PM