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September 29, 2005

Serenity Now

Or, er, tomorrow for the rest of you.

But thanks to an advance screening via Josh Marshall, I got to see the new Serenity film based on the all-too-short TV series. Given the constraints of a two-hour movie, the film concentrates on a fast-paced action fight, punctuated by Joss Whedon's patented humor.

Josh isn't sure what the politics of the whole thing are, but I actually was sad about the show's demise precisely because I think Josh was trying to hunt big game in his sci-fi allegory in the future. As I wrote three years ago about the show, it's set in the far future in the wake of a consolidation of a corporatist Alliance government, with the heroes the roughneck losers from the civil war. There were echoes of the broad global justice debate-- with the Alliance standing in for the US -- and Whedon in the series allowed a certain ambiguity into the politics.

The movie unsurprisingly has to take the edge off the ambiguity and the Alliance is just a big nasty, Orwellian dictator-- but the movie is still damn fun.

Posted by Nathan at September 29, 2005 01:01 PM