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October 03, 2005

Michael Brown on the Supreme Court

Okay, Harriet Miers has slightly better qualifications for the job of Supreme Court Justice then Michael Brown did for FEMA, but not by that much.

With all the qualified women in the nation, in private practice and on the bench, what excuse does Bush have to appoint a candidate with no track record of legal writing or outstanding litigation cases to her name. Not that there isn't a rich tradition of Presidents appointing corporate cronies to the Supreme Court, but that history is littered with disasters and embarassments on the Court.

But the real issue is that Bush is avoiding appointing someone with any accomplishments, because those accomplishments would indicate her political views. Which is just an unacceptable excuse for a nomination.

Unless Bush can explain why Miers is one of the nine most qualified people in the nation, no, even why she is one of the nine most qualified conservative people in the country, her nomination should be immediately bounced.

Posted by Nathan at October 3, 2005 01:06 PM