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October 10, 2005

Racist William Buckley

Atrios reminds us, in celebration of National Review's Fiftieth birthday, that William Buckley and his magazine endorsed violation of the law to deny the vote to blacks and preventing federal judges from doing anything about it:

The Negroes would, according to democratic processes, win the election; but that is the kind of situation the White community will not permit. The White community will not count the marginal Negro vote. The man who didn't count it will be hauled up before a jury, he will plead not guilty, and the jury, upon deliberation, will find him not guilty. A federal judge, in a similar situation, might find the defendant guilty, a judgment which would affirm the law and conform with the relevant political abstractions, but whose consequences might be violent and anarchistic.
Trent Lott may have lost his job for celebrating Strom Thurmond, but the reality of racism in the conservative movement is that they honor, rather than are ashamed of their actions fifty years ago in promoting the lawless violation of black civil rights.

Posted by Nathan at October 10, 2005 09:15 AM