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October 12, 2005

Business Coming Out Strong for Miers

That some Democrats -- including some in the blogosphere -- have gone soft on Miers reflects a fundamental betrayal of the working class base of the party. It pisses me off no end that because Miers MIGHT be soft on a few social issues, folks are willing to overlook the fact that she, like Roberts, worked for rightwing corporate law firms, both of which had tough union-busting divisions. In fact, Roberts brought one of the nastiest anti-union cases of the 1990s to the Supreme Court, thankfully a case he lost.

Progressives may have missed what unites Bush's choice of these two candidates, but big business sure hasn't, as this article details:

"Having two justices, [Chief Justice John] Roberts and Miers, who we expect to join him shortly, that's adding two to nothing from the point of view of that kind of experience. That's big for the business community," says Bruce Josten, the top lobbyist for the US Chamber of Commerce. He predicts that other business groups, many for the first time in their histories, will take a higher profile role in court fights.
These core economic issues should be front and center in the debate over the Supreme Court, yet they have been largely marginalized.

People wonder why Democrats are losing working class voters. It's not because they care about abortion and gay rights; it's because when it comes to the courts, they don't seem to care about anything else, including the economic issues that many pro-life voters would turn against the GOP over if they were highlighted in the debates.

Will the Democrats grill Miers over tort liability rules? Will they grill her over the minimum wage and the Court's role over economic regulation? Will they ask her about labor law and unions' freedom to form unions? How about corporate accountability?

Business is pretty sure they'll be happy with the answers, but the rest of the American public won't even know they matter if Democrats don't raise them prominently.

Posted by Nathan at October 12, 2005 12:09 AM