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November 11, 2005

Raising Taxes to Piss Off Middle Class

So this is brilliant:

The House's top tax writer introduced a bill Thursday that would allow the alternative minimum tax to hit millions more taxpayers next year. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas opted to use tax cuts allotted in the GOP's budget to extend tax cuts for capital gains and dividends for two years instead of holding back the alternative minimum tax.

Thomas, R-Calif., said last week that preventing the alternative minimum tax, or AMT, from spreading deeper into the middle class next year could drain the energy from efforts to overhaul the nation's tax laws.

"Might it not help the momentum on tax reform if a few more people fully understood the impacts of AMT?" he said.

Even rightwing Freepers recognize that this is the strategy of a GOP leadership in mental breakdown. As some of them say:
The GOP is trying hard to alienate its entire base this week.

A brilliant plan that could only come from the GOP!

I can't fathom why any true conservative hasn't abandoned the Republican Party already...All conservatives have received is timebombed tax cuts and a few other little carrots, just to keep them [conservatives] "on the plantation".

The GOP has held together a coalition around contradictory goals of rising spending, slashed taxes and supposed smaller government only through incredible discipline.

As that discipline dissipates, we may be seeing a conservative crackup that will only escalate in coming months.

Posted by Nathan at November 11, 2005 12:11 AM