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January 29, 2006

US Undermined Democracy in Haiti

Hardly a shock to find out that the US helped encourage the overthrow of the elected government of Aristide in Haiti.

This is not a leftwing accusation but the view of the American AMBASSADOR in 2003.

The US funded various groups, including the International Republican Institute, to "encourage" democracy. And Ambassor Brian Curry's analysis:

Mr. Curran accused the democracy-building group, the International Republican Institute, of trying to undermine the reconciliation process after disputed 2000 Senate elections threw Haiti into a violent political crisis. The group's leader in Haiti, Stanley Lucas, an avowed Aristide opponent from the Haitian elite, counseled the opposition to stand firm, and not work with Mr. Aristide, as a way to cripple his government and drive him from power, said Mr. Curran, whose account is supported in crucial parts by other diplomats and opposition figures. Many of these people spoke publicly about the events for the first time.
Part of the game played by the Bush administration was to cutoff all economic aid at a crticial point to paralyze the country and ferment conditions of desperation -- the recipe for the coup that would follow:
Tensions rose further as international lenders withheld aid from the Aristide government. "We could not deliver any goods, services to the people," said Leslie Voltaire, a former minister under Mr. Aristide.

Even Mr. Bazin, a former World Bank official who ran against Mr. Aristide in 1990, criticized the cutoff. "The poorer you are, the less democratic you are," he said.

There's a lot more but it's just part of the long history of US involvement in Haiti in supporting thugs and dictatorship in that country.

Posted by Nathan at January 29, 2006 12:12 PM