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February 20, 2006

How Conservative Policies Encourage Abortion

So a single teacher at a Catholic school gets pregnant, gets fired, and the ACLU sues for pregnancy discrimination.

So far, everything's according to the expected script. Except in this case, an anti-abortion group has joined with the ACLU to protest the decision, arguing that punishing a pregnant mom will just lead the next teacher to get an abortion to avoid a similar fate:

Serrin Foster is president of a group called Feminists for Life. She talks about McCusker at anti-abortion rallies, saying taking away a woman's job and income for being pregnant is anti-life.

"If you take away the resources, you could unintentionally drive a woman to having an abortion," said Foster — who mentions McCusker's story when she speaks at anti-abortion rallies.

"It is not pro-life to take away the resources and support that women need and deserve to bring children into this world," Foster says. "The appropriate response for the employer when they found out she was pregnant, is to say, 'Congratulations,' and, 'How can I help?' "

The problem is that many rightwingers really don't care about stopping abortion. Going after abortion is all about denying women equal rights-- and if you get a real choice where womens equality and preventing abortion are on the same side as in this case, those rightwingers will side with promoting abortion and subjugating women.

This case is a good acid test for your pro-life friends. If they side with the teacher, their pro-life beliefs are probably heart-felt. If they side with the school, all of their talk about "life" is just a cover for reactionary views on women's place in the world.

Posted by Nathan at February 20, 2006 07:58 PM