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June 01, 2002

New Software, Again

Okay, maybe a bit too much time on my hands, but I changed blogging software again to Moveable Type. Since the creator of Greymatter has announced no more upgrades, it made more sense over the long run to hitch a ride to this software, created by folks associated with open source publishers O'Reilly.

The big advantage of Moveable Type is its category system, so I can create archives by issue. It's a bit more of a pain to install than Greymatter, but its extra sophistication is worth it.

In my mind, its big downside is that it's not fully free software, in the sense that it's open to the public to redistribute. It's free (for now) and its code is open, but it's really shareware, where the creators will increasingly sell upgrades as their user base increases. But then again, the big advantage over proprietary code is you can find web sites all over with tricks for tweaking the code to achieve interesting results, so it has most of the advantages of full open source software.

If folks have comments on the aesthetics of the site, I'm open to any suggestions. I'll probably keep fooling with it-- fiddling with fonts is probably the key reason why computers have failed to really improve productivity in the workplace :)

Posted by Nathan at June 1, 2002 09:43 AM


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