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June 05, 2002

Rich Men, Poorer Men

Despite the razzle dazzle of the dotcom boom, many Americans saw income loss in the last decade. Taking figures from 2000 (note before the recession hit), the Census Bureau found that over the decade,men's median incomes meaning half earned less and half more fell 2.3 percent. Women saw a 7% gain in the decade, but that only brought them up to 73% of men's income.
...So apparently the main dynamic of the economy in the 90s was regular guys on the shop floor and the office handing their income over to rich men in the board rooms of Enron et al.
... A lot of rhetoric was expended on the "angry white males" during the decade. Apparently, they had something to be angry about; they just were picking the wrong targets.

Posted by Nathan at June 5, 2002 08:06 AM


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