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June 06, 2002

Global Warming Inaction

I'm a little late commentng on Bush's EPA report telling us that, yes, global warming is real and is caused by human activity, but we don't plan to do anything about it. How do you even attack something so bizarre? Bob Herbert tries today, but the idiocy of an administration running around destroying our civil liberties on the possibility it might help prevent a terror attack, while ignoring actions we know would prevent global warming is insane.
...But then, we know Bush's oil and defense contractor buddies are benefitting from the "war on terror" but would not like the measures to reduce fossil fuel consumption involved in fighting global warming. Japan just ratified the Kyoto Treaty, leaving us alone in our greed and 25% of global greenhouse eemissions.
...I have criticized some antiwar friends for overconcentrating on deaths caused by the US in military actions, since those numbers pale compared to the starvation, disease and now coming climate disruption driven by US economic actions as it effects other countries.
... Global murder by American energy self-indulgence and inaction is a far worse threat to poor developing nations than any military action. And talk about "blowback"; this is one attack we know we are inflicting on ourselves as well.

Posted by Nathan at June 6, 2002 08:27 AM


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