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June 12, 2002

Build It to the Sky!

What to do with the Ground Zero site? Specifically, should the towers be rebuilt. Now, the dirty secret of the Trade Centers was that they had trouble renting out the space even before the attacks and few companies in their right mind would rent new suites in the top floors now.
...But Larry Silverstein, the mogul who owns the lease to rebuild, actually has what sounds like an attractive design option.
...The idea is to rebuild a single tower, leaving the rest of the site for memorials and human-scale development. This tower would have only 60 or so real floors of offices, but would extend another 40 floors to the height of the old tower, using a lattice structure that would appear to disappear gradually into the sky.
...I like it and am in the camp of folks who want to rebuild the New York skyline. From far away or just bicycling by the site, you can't feel but that there is a hole in the city that needs this.

Posted by Nathan at June 12, 2002 09:34 AM


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