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July 02, 2002

Bush Anti-worker H1-B proposal

Bush has proposed cutting funds for training American workers in the high-tech industry, which was tied to the H1-B temporary immigration program in industries lacking workers with certain skills. This has led the main tech union, the Communication Workers of America to call for the repeal of the H1-B program. I'm esssentially for open borders, but the H1-B program just creates a class of temp workers dependent on their employers for their visa, a recipe for having no real rights and undermining unions in the tech world. So kill the program-- it's just a high-tech equivalent to the old exploitive farm worker bracero program.

Posted by Nathan at July 2, 2002 04:07 PM

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I am a programmer, and so have worked with several H1-B visa holders. We used to refer to them as H1-B slaves. One guy, a very senior person, who was very good at what he did, was making less than some interns (myself included). Why? because the company absolutely controls your livelihood until your green card application has been completed. Of course, you need the sponsoring company's assistance to complete the green card application ...

Posted by: kevin at July 3, 2002 12:04 AM

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