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July 22, 2002

Labor Monday (7-22)

Roundup for July 22

  • "New Labour" Tony Blair has lost key union supporters, as a staunch union leader ally of the prime minister was ousted by a leftwing challenger, part of a wave of labor-left challenges to Blair's relationship with union funders of his party. See the BBC, The Scotsman, and The Guardian on the story.
  • Boston janitors at SEIU are mounting a new drive to expand organizing into the suburbs, a new militancy following a trusteeship of the Boston local a year ago.
  • NYU adjunct teachers voted to elect the United Auto Workers (UAW) as their union representatives.
  • The United Farm Workers organized workers at four Texas Catholic parishes, the first parishes in the country ever unionized.
  • A profile of Wal-Mart's unionbusting across the country.
  • The federal agency that guarantees the assets of pension funds for companies that go backrupt is unsuprisingly facing budget pressures as its reserves are drained by pension bailouts.
  • One consequence of the tech collapse is a new interest by tech workers in unionization.
  • An interesting analysis of the gains and limits of the UPS contract recently negotiated by the Teamsters.
  • Given Bush's killing of national ergonomic protections for injured workers, the battle has moved to the states, where in Washington State, a judge has rejected a challenge to that state's tough ergonomics rules.
  • An indepth feature on the community-church organizing that led to a union organizing victory among immigrant meatpackers at ConAgra in Omaha.
  • Most recent AFL-CIO Work in Progress on weekly organizing victories.

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