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July 23, 2002

Tech Tuesday (7-23)

Roundup for July 23rd

  • Activists from New Yorkers for Fair Use disrupted a Commerce Department meeting discussing the mandating of anti-piracy technology in computers and entertainment systems.
  • The ACLU filed a lawsuit in Arizona federal district court seeking to invalidate a state law that bans all information about Arizona prisoners from the global Internet.
  • A new organization Public Knowledge is being formed to train a lobbying army of "geeks" to defend our rights over technology.
  • Consumer Reports in July runs an article "Deregulated" that details how consumers have lost ground in five deregulated industries: airlines, telephone, cable TV, banking, and electricity.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a legal brief on behalf of ICANN director Karl Auerbach demanding access to ICANN management records that he has been refused for eighteen months.
  • As part of its Gender and Electronic Privacy initiative, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed an amicus brief arguing that private investigators and information brokers should be liable for wrongful privacy invasions of third parties about whom they are collecting and disseminating information.
  • The DC Court of Appeals rejected a free speech challenge by credit agencies to FTC privacy regulations that restricted the use of personal information for marketing.

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