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July 25, 2002

Community Thursday (7-25)

Roundup on July 25

  • The NAACP hailed the conclusion of a thirty-year housing battle in New Jersey fighting against the use of zoning to exclude poor people from suburban towns.
  • The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights has endorsed the call by the Arab-American Antidsicrimination Committee to remove a member of the US Civil Rights Commission after he raised the possibility of internment camps for arab americans in case of another terrorist attack.
  • AARP notes that in the wake of recent layoffs, age discrimination complaints at the EEOC have climbed 23.5 percent in the last two years.
  • This last week saw the 20th anniversary commemoration of the murder of Vincent Chin, a seminal moment in stirring asian americans to greater political mobilization.
  • MALDEF, a leading latino organization, has released a report opposing the seccession of the San Fernando Valley from Los Angeles, an important development since secession advocates are counting on latino votes to win.
  • Gay activists this week celebrated the defeat of a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in Massachusetts
  • Housing advocates are denouncing the Bush administration for slashing $688 million from HUD budget to pay for the war on terrorism

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