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August 26, 2002

Labor Monday (8-26)

Roundup of labor stories, August 26th

  • Farmworkers and their supporters marched to Sacramento, arriving on Sunday, to demand that Governor Davis sign the new farmworkers labor bill the California legislature passed.
  • The Carpenters will give Bush his Labor Day photo-op in Pittsburgh.
  • With Wal-Mart announcing a major assault on the Southern California market, the local United Food & Commercial Workers unions are gearing up to respond-- raising dues and hiring organizers to take on the union-busting chain.
  • Clerical workers and lecturers at UC-Berkeley announced plans to strike the first week of classes, demanding better pay and better security, especially for lecturers who make far less than tenured profs on campus.
  • A rash of overtime lawsuits is highlighting employer violations of the Fair Labor laws across the country.
  • Even as some airlines are attacking their unions, a majority of customer service agents at America West signed cards supporting a vote for unionization.

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