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September 13, 2002

Advancing Abortion Rights in States

California is mapping the way for advancing abortion rights at the state level through four recently passed laws. They range from protecting abortion providers confidentiality to helping rape victims get emergency morning-after contraception to enacting the core protections of Roe v. Wade into state law. Most significantly, California passed a law (following New York City's lead) to require all medical students in state hospitals to learn abortion procedures as part of their education, a key issue as fewer and fewer doctors were learning the procedure.

I've long maintained (with the good company of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) that Roe was in many ways harmful to abortion rights, since it demobilized the legislative movement for reproductive rights and froze the issue around the narrow framework of "access." California points the way to working at the legislative level to make the Supreme Court irrelevant to the fate of womens rights in America.

Posted by Nathan at September 13, 2002 11:00 AM

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