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September 15, 2002

Germany Defying US on Iraq

Gerhard Schoeder, up for reelection as Chancellor of Germany, was looking at polls showing him likely to be replaced. Then, voicing his opposition to the US war with Iraq, he has now found himself pulling back into contention and even slightly ahead. As this NY Times article notes, Bush and company are none too pleased. But the language of the story just reeks of the US arrogance that is pissing off so many countries around the world. The Bush administration apparently gave Schoeder "credit" for supporting the war in Kosovo, but now:

The United States gave Mr. Schröder credit for putting his own job on the line to push German participation [in Kosovo] through Parliament. But that credit has now been squandered, American officials say.
The odor of countries having to run around the US government, looking for scraps of "credit" from the superpower, is one reason the German public seems to be backing Schoeder in the first place. Maybe Bush will get the message if Schoeder is reelected. Although someone I doubt it.

Posted by Nathan at September 15, 2002 02:16 AM

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