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October 07, 2002

Labor Monday (10-7)

Roundup of Labor Stories, Oct. 7, 2002

  • On the Docks: With Bush threatening to take the PATCO step of using Taft-Hartley against West Coast longshore workers, labor is girding for war. As Jimmy Hoffa, Bush's supposed best union buddy stated, if Bush makes such a move it would be viewed as "open union-busting by the Teamsters and all of labor." ILWU is distributing these model resolutions for organizations to support the locked out workers. Some more recent stories on the lockout here, here and here.
  • Bush is threatening to veto the defense budget because it expands pension benefits for military retirees. ""We simply cannot continue to add ever-expansive obligations to the defense budget," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said. How about deleting a war or two?
  • This story profiles the union roots of Lula De Silva, the winner of the first round of elections for Brazil's President.
  • California Farmworkers won passage of a historic mediation law.
  • China's labor record was blasted in a new bipartisan report detailing worker and human rights violations, including breaking up demonstrations by workers, outlawing labor unions and imprisoning those who have tried to organize workers. See here for summary story.
  • Anthony Mazzocchi, the key union leader who led passage of the Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) law and helped found the Labor Party, died this weekend.
  • A bankruptcy court ruled Oct. 1 that nearly 9,000 laid-off WorldCom workers will be paid the full severance, commissions, health care, unpaid vacation and other charges that WorldCom has owed them since they lost their jobs.
  • Striking Boston janitors were arrested in civil disobediance protests against management. Some contractors began to break ranks and sign contracts with the union.
  • David Bacon on Bush busting unions "In the Name of National Security."

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