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October 09, 2002

Enviro Wednesday (10-9)

Roundup of environmental stories, October 9

  • Send a "Dirty Dozen" e-card alerting friends to the worst polluters in Congress. Check out the Sierra Club's Voter Education page to rate candidates across the country.
  • The House and Senate are struggling over compromises on the energy bill. Environmentalists like EDF worry that drilling in Alaska is back on the table for negotiations. NRDC has an online postcard for you to send to your representative.
  • The Bush administration has been systematically undermining the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, seeking to exempt logging and military projects from the Act. As well, Bush's so-called Healthy Forests Initiative has been condemned by environmentalists as threatening forests across the country. Still, environmentalists in New Mexico have won a court battle to block logging in the Carson National Forest.
  • An explosion in a tanker off Yemen drained 4000 tons of crude oil into the waters off the coast. Debate is still raging whether the cause was a terrorist attack or a fire inside the hull, but the damage makes it clear how dependence on oil in that volatile region endangers the environment of the world.
  • The New York Times outlined a series of new local regulations fighting sprawl and promoting "smart growth" around the country.
  • To add to the troubles of the region, pollution and over-extraction of water are threatening the very existence of two inland seas, the Middle East's Dead Sea and the Aral Sea in Central Asia.
  • Lula has announced that if he is elected, Brazil will favor growing food free of genetically-modified changes as a competitive advantage in selling to consumers around the world.

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