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October 09, 2002

About Time! Dem Leaders Want SEC Head's Head

Gephardt and Daschle finally called on Bush to fire Harvey Pitt, industry's stooge at the SEC. The final straw was Pitt's withdrawing of the nomination of the proposed head of the new accounting industry oversight board under corporate pressure from-- the accounting industry of course:

Pitt is "giving the accounting industry a veto over who will head the new board," Daschle said at a news conference on Social Security. "This is exactly the kind of abuse the new board was created to prevent."
To be fair Daschle and some other Dems had earlier this year called for Pitt's resignation, but the fact that this has not been a continual public campaign of the Democrats reflects their lack of a clear strategy to highlight Bush's corporate malfeasance. Pitt should be the national poster child for Bush's enthrallment to the corps, yet most Americans don't know his name. Evidence of the most basic failure by the Dems this year.

Posted by Nathan at October 9, 2002 04:31 PM

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